6 Tips For Success Online


The fact that you’re reading this blog post say’s a lot about your character. You’re someone whose willing to do the leg work to get to where you want to be online and I can respect you for that.

Before I unload this amazing list of extremely helpful tips on you, I want you to know and remember something important. Whenever you’re feeling like you can’t succeed digitally please remember this next paragraph…

It is 2018, exactly 20 years ago the world wide web was created and it has advanced into the most powerful tool in the world today. There is NO reason why you should not become successful online. All of the tools for you to succeed exist (& here’s a secret, if you’re willing to dig around long enough, you can find all the tools online for FREE. Anything that anyone is selling online is out there for free if you’re willing to look hard enough for it.) 

Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s jump right into these MAJOR tips for your success online:

Have a Purpose

You may not know what your purpose in life is, but as an online business owner what you should know for sure is the purpose of your website/blog. I cannot stress this enough which is why it’s number one on the list.

If you don’t know the purpose of your website/blog and you start to build your audience, it is very likely that majority of the content you present to them wont be tailored specifically for them. If this is the case, your engagement will suffer.

I highly suggest finding the purpose of your website/blog first and the rest will follow.

Have a Strategy

All of the top dogs have a clear strategy. I personally suffered with this for half a year when I first started UYS. Everyday, I would just wake up and wing it and eventually I found myself getting frustrated. I would sit in front of the computer for hours completely uninspired.

With a bomb strategy in place, you hit the ground running! Every single day, I know exactly what I should be working on.

You’ll be much more productive with a strategy than without one.

This is the #1 thing majority of suffering online entrepreneurs are missing. VALUABLE CONSISTENT CONTENT! (I myself still struggle with being consistent from time to time.)

They focus on the sale more often then the value of the actual content.

Have you ever came across an extremely boring looking blog or site and the owner is making a full-time income off their business? I can guarantee you 100% that the content they’re producing is valuable and consistent.

Focus on the value and consistency of your content and the funds will follow.

Most entrepreneurs gain fast success online by being present every-single-day! Remind your audience everyday that you’re still here rooting for them and to help.

Have a Marketing Strategy

This may seem like a no brainer to some, but a lot of digital entrepreneurs (especially beginners) don’t have any kind of marketing strategy in place and even worse, they’re not using SEO. 

If you’re someone who has yet to put a marketing strategy in place, I highly encourage you to check out the the Free Sales & Growth Training. It is short, sweet, and to the point. (I myself have used the exact tips in this training to start blogging full-time.)

Focus on the Numbers

Most people don’t like numbers, I used to be like most people until I learned something really cool about numbers that I’m going to share with you today…

If you start to like numbers, they’ll start to like you back. I hated dealing with numbers all the way up until I built UYS. If I wanted UYS to be successful I needed to focus on the facts and there’s no easier way to do that than focusing on analytics.

It doesn’t matter how many platforms you’re using to run your digital business, (fyi, wordpress is the best place to start.) you need track your analytics to see how you’re doing daily, weekly, and on a monthly basis. The numbers don’t lie!

Educate Yourself

This is another one that some may think is a no brainer but it’s actually pretty common for online entrepreneurs to give up after the 6 month mark. One of the main reasons is because there’s no more inspiration or creativity left.

When we come up with cool, new and creative idea’s, our brain is pulling it from something that we’ve already seen, read, or tried before.

If you’re not constantly exposing yourself to new cool things, your brain will run out of things to pull from. (In other words, the well will run dry.)

It is said that most successful business owners read about 40 books a year, and most successful bloggers read new articles weekly!

If you haven’t been educating yourself as much lately, I challenge you to learn something new related to your success online daily!


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FREE 7 Day Blog Money Making Guide

Click here to check out the 7 Day Blog Money Making Guide.

https___unlockingyoursuccess.online_2018_07_28_7-day-blog-money-making-guide_Why I created the 7-DAY money making guide:

A year ago, I had no idea what I was doing with Unlocking Your Success. My ideas, thoughts, and goals were all over the place.

And to make matters worse, I actually expected to make a profit because I was working so hard.

I later found out that just because I was working hard, doesn’t mean that I was doing the right things or working smart.

It took me 8 months to finally start making a profit from blogging and when I finally figured out everything that needed to be done in order to make things happen, I realized that it wasn’t so hard after all.

I know how frustrating it can be to read other bloggers income reports and wonder how the hell are they bringing in 5-figures each month, I created a guide for people like you and me who are damn tired of bloggers posting income reports with watered down guides of how they actually do it.

What’s inside the FREE 7-DAY GUIDE?

This guide is beginner friendly. With that being said it’s extremely easy to follow and very detailed.

I totally suggest implementing it if you don’t already have a blog (or if you do already have a blog and want the advice) because I really want to help you live the life you and I both know you deserve.

    • Day 1: Finding your Niche
    • Day 2: Building your brand
    • Day 3: Deciding on your product
    • Day 4: How you’re going to deliver your product
    • Day 5: Building your posting schedule
    • Day 6: Starting and building your mailing list
    • Day 7: Describing a sales funnel

Sign up for the free 7 day email super course below, and day 1 will come to your inbox right away!



Click here for the 7 Day Blog Money Making Guide!


How To Turn Your Viewers Into Buyers

https___unlockingyoursuccess.online_2018_03_24_how-to-turn-viewers-into-buyers_Before I decided to create unlockingyoursuccess.online/ I owned two other websites. They both turned out to be a major fail. The vision was there, I knew exactly where I wanted my business to go and what I wanted it to do. However, I was missing one very important aspect, a marketing strategy.

When most people see the word marketing, they think of pushy advertisements, and numbers. Trust me when I say that I am not exempt, I was like most people.

I thought marketing would be hard, and expensive so I just didn’t do much of it. I shared my websites on social media a few times and that was it. (big mistake)

Now, I love finding new ways to market my business. No seriously, it’s my definition of fun.

In fact, I love it so much, I’m going to show you exactly how to market your business like a pro.


So, grab your pen and paper. (& possibly coffee) cause it’s going to be a long one.



Personalize your marketing strategy

I can’t even count on two hands how many times I’ve clicked on a great looking pin just to head over to their blog, and everything sounds robotic. Almost like, they’ve copied and pasted a script right off google.

You do not want that to be you, people will run from your website. It’s great to use guides as an example of how your marketing strategy should be, but you always want your readers to feel your personality.

Because your viewers can’t physically see you, there needs to be an indication that there’s actually a real person behind the screen that understands their problems and can actually help them. That indication is your personality. You can never have too much personality in your brand. It’s what makes your business stand out from all the copy-cats.

Spoon feed your viewers | Don’t be a salesman

One major mistake with my first two websites was that it was information overload. It was like I just kind of threw info products and prices at them as soon as they clicked on a link. I had a salesman mindset which came off as pushy. It wasn’t genuine, and my viewers could totally tell.

Treat your viewers as if they’re your babies (new born babies). They’re coming to your site for the first time, or reading your blog post for the first time so, this is all new to them. They’re hoping to learn something that they’ve never been taught before and they’re expecting you to teach it to them.

Here’s a check list that you should swear by:

1.) Build a relationship with your reader within the first few sentences. If you aren’t doing this, 9/10 of your readers are most likely clicking on to the next page without fully reading your content. They need to trust you. An example would be, “I want to help you because…..”

2.) After you’ve built rapport, jump right into the meat of your content. No fluff! I repeat, no fluff. It’s so annoying to read an entire blog post only to realize I didn’t actually take anything valuable away from it, and that it was all just a evil mind trick to get me to click on some pricey info product.

If you do this to your readers, they will most likely never read anything you post again. Which brings me to my next point…..

Give away a ton of free stuff

I know, it sounds crazy but trust me when I say this is a game changer.

There’s a ton of salesy people out there who will tell you “Put a price on everything.” Wrong!

Giving away valuable free content is the key to your success.

(And while I’m at it…Click here to check out this FREE 7 Day Blog Money Making Guide!)

Not only will it drive an insane amount of traffic to your site, it will also build trust between you and your viewers. They may not buy the first time around but, after coming to your site for a while they’ll begin to trust that you’re not feeding them a bunch BS. So, when you do decide to present them with a sale, they’ll trust that their investment would help them out in the long run.

Give them proof

When it comes to buying a product or trying out something, nobody like to be first. I know, it’s tragic. Everyone want’s to know that someone else tried it out before them so they know it’s something they can trust.

How to give proof?

  • testimonials
  • analytics
  • reviews

This is not your show

It took me a while to realize that my website is not TheShannonShow.com. Yes, I’m running it but, it’s not about me even in the slightest. Unless you’re running a lifestyle blog (even then it’s tricky) nobody cares about your life. I know it’s sounds mean but it’s true.

Make your website all about them. What did they come to your site for? How can you help them?

Write everything as if you’re speaking directly to them face to face. As if it’s just you and your reader sitting down together for the first time.

Follow your visitors

I know, it sounds creepy right? But seriously, follow them!

When your visitors click off your site, that’s it they’re gone. There’s no way for you to keep in contact with them, like ever again.


You create opt ins for them. This way you will always be connected to them.

There is one major way to create opt ins for your visitors.

An email list. This is the most effective way!

And the last and most important thing is to make sure you place these opt-in EVERYWHERE!

Time to wrap things up

stock photos (9).png

Phew, this post was definitely information overload but, in a good way.




Today we learned:

  • How to add personality to your website.
  • How to walk your viewers through your website as new born babies.
  • Free valuable content is the key to your success.
  • How to build trust.
  • How to give your visitors proof.
  • How to stay connected with your visitors once they leave your website.



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5 Ways To Make Your Pin Go Viral


When I first starting blogging I was focusing on posting my content everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Now my main focus is Pinterest only. My first month blogging I quickly noticed that majority of my traffic was coming from Pinterest. (like 99.9% of my traffic) When I caught on to this, I spent hours on top of hours studying the way the platform works. After my first month blogging, I was sitting at only 77 monthly viewers on Pinterest. 30 days later after using these key strategies below, I managed to skyrocket my monthly viewers up to 17,000. Now (a month later) I’ve jumped up even higher to 90,000+ monthly viewers.

And get this….I made it happen with only 165 followers!

Yes, you do have to pin a lot more than usual however, that’s only half the job. The key is to pin a lot of pinable pins. What are pinable pins you might ask? Pinable pins are the ones that almost always go viral! Below I show you how you can do exactly what I did.

Pinterest Friendly Photos + Strategy 

Yes, Pinterest is a search engine however, it is extremely superficial. With that being said, I recommend that your profile picture along with all of your pins to be top quality. (https://www.canva.com/ is so clutch for this!)

So, what exactly are pinable pins? Vertical tall pins that are easier to notice and stand out. I’m not sure why this is yet but, the smaller horizontal pins don’t do as well. You want your dimensions to be 740px wide and 1102px height.

What I’ve recently found that has brought me a ton of traffic (enough to knock me up to 90,000+ monthly viewers in 39 days) is making at least 3 different pins for each post. These pins are different in text and design however, the text generally means the same thing, I just switch up the wording a bit. Here’s a small example below:

I know it may seem like a lot of work but it’s totally worth it. Eventually you’ll notice a major jump in your analytics on Pinterest and your blog. Think about this, you’ll be getting 3x the exposure than if you were to just upload 1 photo. Canva and PicMonkey are my two favorite sites to use for photo editing. I started out using both because they work great but lately I’ve gravitated more towards Canva being that they already have pre-made Pinterest templates.

Rich Pins

Have you noticed that some pins have a bold title attached to them while others have just a description? The pins that have a bold title are called Rich Pins. When you have rich pins, which I highly recommend you get. Pinterest will have your pin description under all your pins.


Pinterest has an algorithm very similar to Instagram in the sense of how the pins show up on your feed. If you scroll down your Pinterest feed, you’ll most likely notice that all of the pins are generally talking about the same things. For an example, if you’ve recently clicked on a pin titled “How To Smash Your Goals Effectively” your feed will adjust to what it thinks you want to see. This is a win-win for both you and Pinterest creators. It keeps people using Pinterest as well as giving the reader more valuable content.

To be sure that your pins generate on other peoples feed when they’re searching for something similar to your topic, SEO is the way to go. The first step to SEO-ing your pins is creating a business account, then setting up rich pins.

After you set up rich pins, I highly recommend using photos that relate to your content as well as putting text over your pins to ensure that your readers know exactly what your content’s about before clicking on your pin. In order to use Pinterest SEO to the fullest, I also recommend using key words in your board descriptions, pin descriptions, and photo names.

Automation + Tailwind

Automation is a major must to driving traffic to your blog. I personally utilize Tailwind to automate all of my pins.  Tailwind, is a service that helps you schedule your pins. It has very similar analytics to Pinterest which I find amazing being that it also post for me in my sleep! It get’s the job done A-Okay! What I personally love most about Tailwind, (and I think you will too) is that it generates a smart schedule based strictly off the times that your engagement is at it’s peek.

I take one day out the week, every week to schedule all of my pins for the week. I recommend scheduling at least 30 pins a day to start. I’m currently fluctuating between 30-60 pins a day just to test out a few things with my analytics. However, do what you feel works best for you. I do want to let you know that I owe most of my growth success to Tailwind. I noticed a major difference in my viewers when I switched to automation. Click here to sign up for Tailwind and get $15 off your first month!

One last tip

Being that you’re setting yourself up for success with these amazing tips, some of your pins are likely to go viral fast. When this happens, you want to make sure you’re ready. Click here to receive a free detailed guide to turning your readers into buyers.

A great thing to do would be to go back through all of your old content to make sure your photos are top notch as well as your content. And, I highly recommend creating new pinable images for your old content to keep them relevant. You don’t want them sitting there getting dusty. Bring life to them again.



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Thinking about becoming a full-time blogger? Click here to check out this FREE 7 Day Blog Money Making Guide!

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How To Start A Profitable Blog From Scratch


How to start a blog the RIGHT way, and turn it into a profit making machine

When I first started my blog, I had the intentions of it being a self help blog, however I feel it slowly going down the road to becoming a lifestyle/digital marketing blog and that’s okay. (That’s the great thing about blogging, you can blog about whatever you want) Even though I had my intentions, I still had no idea what I was doing. I thought the blogging world was small, but boy was I wrong! I quickly found out that I was a little fish in a big sea. Now that I have been blogging for almost half a year, I love how my blog has blossomed into something that I could be proud of.

In this post I’ll tell you how to start a blog from scratch, register your own domain, set up hosting and install WordPress. 

Why You Should Start a Blog?

  • Creative Outlet
  • Build a Community
  • Inspire others
  • Accountability
  •  Side Job & Passive Income
  • Financial Freedom (build the life you want doing what you love)
  • Contribute to Society

What Should You Write About?

Before starting a blog it’s smart to know what you’re going to write about. After figuring out what your content is going to be about, It’s best to plan out your writing schedule, and what your “niche” will be. However, your niche does not need to be extremely targeted to be a successful blogger. You will see tons of post that stress this but it’s definitely not true. Whatever you decide on make sure it is something you’re passionate about, because blogging is not easy and I don’t want you to give up before you actually reap the benefits. A word of advice from me -Don’t let other established bloggers scare you, they started right where you are.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

The big questions that’s always floating around is -what is the difference between WordPress.com & WordPress.org. The site that you’re on now is a self-hosted WordPress site, this means that I own my domain (https://unlockingyoursuccess.online/). There are a ton of different platforms you can get signed on up for hosting. However, I highly recommend SiteGround being that it’s one of the most reasonable hosting platforms out there, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. WordPress.org is very simple to set up and operate. I highly recommend WordPress.org if you’re wanting to build a business out of your blog for the long run. It gives you more freedom, features, customization, and allows you to monetize your blog relatively easy. However, you do not have to start out with WordPress.org. You can start off on WordPress.com, and make the switch later if you want something more advanced. It is a very simple process that WordPress.com could walk you through.

To use WordPress.org you have to sign up for hosting, and register your domain.


Sign up for hosting & register your domain

I know it can seem scary and overwhelming to set up your self-hosted blog for the first time however, it’s really a pretty easy process with only a few steps.

Step #1 would be to visit SiteGround ( I highly recommend SiteGround, I have had the best experience with them so far) They have plans starting out as low as $3.95 a monthClick any link to their site in this post to get to get a 60% discount on your first hosting plan. Side note: I’m really passionate about this, so I worked really hard with them to get this amazing deal for you guys! (:2019-04-04 at 22-59-30

Here’s a tip: The StartUp, and GrowBig will be your best options if you are just starting out.

Step #2 You can register a domain you already own, or set up a new one. Make sure that you’re really putting thought into what you want your domain name to being that this is what people will use when going to your site. I recommend something short, creative, non-generic, and memorable. When you have your domain registered you can then pick a plan. You can choose how many months you want to pay for. I personally recommend annually being that you get a better deal that way. They also have a 1 month trial option if you’re still a little on the fence.

Enter your information, add any services you want to add and you will be ready to check out. Use this link to get to a 60% discount on your first hosting plan.
2019-04-04 at 22-59-53

Installing WordPress

After you complete your purchase you can easily install WordPress with a few simple steps. After you’ve signed up, you should have received an email from them. It will be a confirmation email that contains important information, such as your username, password and a link to your control panel. When you open your control panel by clicking on the link in your “welcome” email, enter your username and password, then log on in! 2019-04-04 at 23-30-36

Under “Wordpress Tools” section you will see a WordPress Installer, that’s where you’ll click to install WordPress. You will just need to fill out the form with your information, then click “Install WordPress“. It’s as easy as 1……2…….3!

When you click on “WordPress Installer” it will bring you to fill out some information. Then you can easily install WordPress.

When you’ve registered your domain and installed WordPress. You can access your blog by going to, enterblognamehere.com/wp-admin where you can enter your login information. This is your admin dashboard here you can write blog posts, change your themes, upload your images and plenty more.

Picking & Setting Up a Theme

When you’re ready to pick a theme (this is the skin of your website) open up your Admin dashboard, click on Appearance, then Themes. Here you can search, upload, and install themes. There are a TON of cute/cool free themes you can choose from to start with. Or you can purchase pre-made themes on Creative Market. Picking a theme is the exciting part!siteground-wordpress-setup-wizard-step-1-choose-theme-700x402

By following these steps, you can set up a blog and begin building a fun profitable platform. Tell your friends, and family to get the traffic flowing. Some last tips would to set up Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterestfor your blog for more exposure. It would be best use the same name across the board for all of your platforms to make it easier for viewers to find you.

What Now

Now that you’ve got all the tools you need to getting your site up and running, I want to leave you with a profitable content roadmap. What I used to make my first $1,000 blogging. Click here receive your roadmap.



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