How to Create a Sales Page For FREE Using MailChimp

https___unlockingyoursuccess.online_2018_05_19_how-to-create-a-sales-page-for-free-using-mailchimp_Hey guys, I’m back with another amazing blog post. Whoop whoop!

I know it’s been a little over 2 weeks since my last blog post if you haven’t checked it out yet click here!

I was definitely gone for good reason. I’m putting together an awesome detailed course for you guys on setting your Pinterest AND website up for success….that will sell for dirt cheap.

While in the process of creating my first e-course, I thought what in the heck am I going to do with my two Pinterest Blog Booster packages?! I didn’t want to stop offering them before launching the course because that would take away the extra assistance some of my viewers may need to create their success on Pinterest.

So, I decided to re-create my sales page and take 80% off both packages because they will indeed be going away soon, just not before the launch of my first e-course.

Alright, I’m going to let you guys in on a secret that normally I wouldn’t tell but today I feel like it’s necessary. Before last week, I didn’t know how to create a legitimate looking sales page. Here’s why, literally almost every platform out there that you could use to create a fancy looking sales page COST MONEY! Now, I don’t know about you but I honestly don’t like spending money unless I have to, which is why I’ve became extremely good at finding cheaper alternatives.

As soon as I found out that I could re-create my sales page on MailChimp for FREE and make it look super fancy, I was like OMG I have to tell my viewers! Like, remember that scene on Bruce Almighty, when Jim Carrey was typing all cray cray on the computer…..? Totally me!


Before I dive straight in, I want you to know that this post is in NO WAY sponsored by MailChimp! I found out something amazing and I want to share it with you guys because we’re in this together.

I don’t want you guys to think I’m leaving any important details out so I’ll give it to you step by step with screen shots. I got you covered!

Creating Your MailChimp Account

The first step would be to head over to and click “sign up for free” in the top right corner of the page.Inked2018-05-19 at 00-41-46_LI

MailChimp has a Forever Free, plan that let’s you use MailChimp for FREE forever under certain guidelines. Here they are, you get access to most MailChimp features, but your total subscribers are limited to 2,000 and your email per month limit is 12,000. If you ask me, that’s a pretty darn good steal!

Making Your List

What I love most about MailChimp, is that everything you create on their platform is  designed to help you get more subscribers onto your list. With that being said, before you design anything on their platform you have to create a list first to connect your list to your design. I hope that made sense. The good thing is that you don’t need subscribers on your list to create your sales page, all you have to do is save the details of your list and you’re good to go. No worries, I’ll walk you through it with screen shots. 

After you’ve created your MailChimp account and successfully signed in, the tab you’d want to click on is “list” towards the upper left corner of the screen. Inked2018-05-19 at 02-04-53_LI

From the “list” tab in the upper right corner of the screen click on “create list”. This will bring you to a page prompting you to enter in the details of your list. When you’re done click “save” and voila, your list is ready for the world.

Creating Your Sales Page

From the “campaigns” tab, in the right upper corner of the page, you should see the options to click on “create campaign” or “create”. If you’re under the “campaign” tab, your page should look similar to my screen shot below.Inked2018-05-19 at 01-16-07_LI

Both options will open up the same box asking you “what do you want to create?” So, it does not matter which one you click on, just whichever button floats your boat. After you click on the button of your choice, you should see a cute little box open up on your screen with a few options, in this case you’d want to click on “create a landing page”.Inked2018-05-19 at 01-29-08_LI

After you select “create a landing page”, at the top of the box switch the tab to “product page” then enter in the title you want your sales page to be and then select your list from the drop down menu. When you click “begin”, it will bring you to a page similar to my image below. 2018-05-19 at 02-26-09

This is where you let your creativity shine bright like a diamond!

You got this, I believe in you. Now go and create an amazing sales page!

MailChimp not only gives you the option to create a banging sales page but it also gives you the option to create amazing lead/landing pages.

In this post we’ve covered:

  • Creating your MailChimp account.
  • Creating your list details and getting it ready for subscribers by saving it.
  • Creating your sales page.



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If you feel like this post helped you out in any way, comment below to unleash your thoughts. I love it when you guys comment your thoughts because that lets me know that I’m actually producing valuable content.



Do You Really Need a Blog, or Do You Just Need a Site?

https___unlockingyoursuccess.online_2018_04_30_do-you-really-need-a-blog-or-do-you-just-need-a-site_This is going to be short, sweet, and to the point because it seems to be a major question that everyone has when starting out in their online entrepreneurship journey. “Do I need a blog or a regular site?” I want you guys to read this article thoroughly because being an online entrepreneur is not exactly easy-peezy but totally worth it. The goal for everyone should be to work smarter not harder!

Throughout my blogging journey, I’ve seen a lot and I’ve answered a lot of question’s but out of everyone I’ve observed and consulted it really just boils down to one major question.

Are you doing more than you need to for your business?

I may get a lot of backlash from this blog post being that there’s a lot of bloggers claiming that if you have a business, you NEED a blog.

That’s not necessarily the case for every business. In some cases, it can hurt you more than help you! You may just need a site that say’s here’s what I’m offering, and here’s how you can get it.

Even though I don’t offer it as a service, a lot of my viewers email me asking if I’d be willing to help them start up their blog. Although I’m willing to help either way, after talking about their business plans and goals, I often times find out that a site would be more beneficial to them, especially if their main focus is to sell.

Having a blogging site vs. just a regular site does not determine the amount of profits or traffic you will bring in to your site, your marketing strategy does.

Here are a few questions to take into consideration when making your choice:

  • Do you like writing?
  • Do you have or can make the extra time to be consistent with posting quality content?
  • Do you already have a solid following, and what are they used to? (They may or may not need the extra content.)
  • Does your business require you to build a relationship/rapport with your viewers? For an example, you may just have a clothing store. Unless you’re teaching others how to sell clothes or something of that sort, there’s no need for a blog.

Hopefully those questions can help you guys out big time, especially if you’re new to this world.

Here’s a few detailed reason’s why I DON’T recommend blogging if you answered “no” to majority of the questions above:

  • If you don’t like writing, in my professional opinion I wouldn’t recommend building a blog on your site. This is coming from a place of love for your business. I believe there’s room for everyone to be a successful online entrepreneur with the right strategy and marketing tools. If you don’t like writing, it will show in your articles which will hurt your reputation. Stick with your strong points and build on them to make them stronger! It’s totally okay if your weakness is writing, you can work on it, I just wouldn’t recommend making it the focus of your business.


  • Let’s just face it, no matter how productive you are there are just some things we don’t have time for. Unless you can afford to pay someone to write regularly on your blog, you’re going to be doing most of the work. If you cannot free up the time to write a ton of content, that is totally okay! Without my super tight schedule, I wouldn’t have the time either. There are online entrepreneurs kicking butt with a simple Linktree site, and others with a fabulous Shopify site. Neither platforms are made for blogging but both are used by top entrepreneurs who bring in major profits each month!


  • If you already have a solid following that is amazing! Especially if you built it in a world where everyone now believes you need a blog to generate major traffic. If you have loyal customers or a certain type of branding or business style/way of doing things that your viewers are used to, I don’t recommend straying too far away from that. Two things can happen if you do, your viewers will grow to love it or they will dislike it. If they dislike it, that can be reputation suicide which will be hard to come back from.


Remember, the goal is to work smarter not harder.




The Ultimate SEO Guide For Bloggers

https___unlockingyoursuccess.online_2018_04_18_the-ultimate-seo-guide-for-bloggers_There are a few different things for SEO that you MUST be doing as an online entrepreneur for the success of your blog/website or online business. We are going to go over each of them below!

If you’re wanting to boost your website ranking in search results across the board, SEO is the way to go. Actually, to increase your ranking in search results, it is vital! If you’re not sure what exactly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as of yet, here is the textbook definition:


The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

To sum that up, it basically makes your website closer to the top of the page which means more views and clicks for you.


Haven’t created a blog or website yet? No worries, I’ve got you covered. I made a step by step guide just for you, How to start a profitable blog from scratch. When I first invested in self-hosting my blog, I had no idea that I could generate a substantial amount income. Now, I have no regrets. If you’re still thinking about starting a blog, or you have one and you’re on the fence about self-hosting, it will change your life I promise. Lucky for you, you don’t have to pay full price like I did. Click here to get 60% your first hosting plan!


If you are’t adding Atl text to your images on every single blog post, I highly recommend that you go back and do this to all of your blogs….today! It’s that important to your ranking in search engines. I know, when I finally figured out that I needed to do this for the success of my blog, I was bummed out about how tedious it was too.

If you’re wondering what Atl text stands for, it’s short for “Alternative text” and is generally used to explain text associated with an image.

Atl text is used to help search engines categorize your image (place it among others similar to yours). This is what allows search engines to actually pull your image. For my Atl text, I usually just form a short sentence that explains what the article is about. Use my example below as a guide:

2018-04-18 at 16-11-36 (2)_LI


Using categories and tags for your blog post is another great way to SEO your articles. What are categories & tags pertaining to blog post you might ask?

Categories are little folders that you place your article in right before publishing it. You want the name of your folder to be something relating to all of the articles you’re going to place inside of it. For an example, the category for this blog post is “Marketing”. Catch my drift?

Tags are words or phrases gathered together that relate to your article. For an example, a few tags I used for this post are exposure, marketing, SEO, blog traffic, viewers, starting a blog, and so on. If you’re using WordPress as your provider (which I highly recommend) you can edit your categories & tags in the settings of your blog post.


All of your titles such as blog title, page tittle, and image title, will help with search rankings so it’s best to load them down with key word phrases, it will also show up along with the description of your article.

What are key word phrases you might ask? Two or more words typed as a search query.

With that being said, it is extremely important that all of your titles are short, sweet, and to the point!


Before I self hosted my blog, I wasn’t using plugins. Big mistake! However, I quickly realized that they were vital to my success as an online entrepreneur. Especially Yoast SEO plugin. If you haven’t self hosted or downloaded Yoast SEO, I recommend that you do asap!


(This page contains affiliate links)


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How Much You Should Make Your First Month Blogging

https___unlockingyoursuccess.online_2018_04_08_how-much-you-should-make-your-first-month-blogging_ (1)You know what I’ve been seeing a lot of lately?

Income Reports!

Their post usually say’s something along the lines of “Find Out How I Made $100,000,000,000,000 This Month Blogging.”

Okay, maybe I over dramatized the numbers a bit but you get my point.

So, you click on their ad and head over to their blog to check out their Income Report in hopes of possibly learning how you can make what they made, and you leave thinking you got some valuable information to implement their same strategies only to get minimum to NO results at all.

The insane part about Income Reports is that it’s total click bait.

(maybe that’s why bloggers post them but hey, what do I know?)

I think what happens is people see large numbers with a dollar sign in front of it and it pushes them to click. Almost like they can’t even control themselves.

What I want you guys to know is that you’re only getting a tiny view of an extremely large picture. Those bloggers who are bringing in massive ROI’s are leaving out major key points as to how they got from A to B.




For an example, the last Income Report I took the time to read, the blogger explained how she made a little over $600 her first month blogging. Then, towards the ending of the article she left a small comment stating that she had owned that blog for a year and decided to revamp it and start over fresh with a new brand.

So, that “first month blogging” wasn’t really her first month blogging.

Although, it was her first month publishing under her new brand, she had mentioned in the article that she already built up a good following and reputation the previous year.

But, her pin on Pinterest stated “Find Out How I Made Over $600 My First Month Blogging.”

Do you see the deception that’s going on here?! Don’t be fooled.

I will not post the bloggers name for her privacy but, I just want you guys to understand that as a new blogger/online entrepreneur, reading such articles can be unhealthy for the success of your brand.

It can very easily make you feel pressured or like you don’t  have your stuff together when that’s totally not the case. Those online entrepreneur’s who are bringing in massive ROI’s started just where you are.

There’s no set amount of cash you should make your first month blogging, and if you’re focusing too much on the cash, you shouldn’t be blogging anyway.

I’m not saying this to be rude. I just hate to see talented people start something and then give up. Becoming an online entrepreneur is not as easy as it looks. You will most likely put in a lot of hard work before you actually start seeing a decent ROI so cash shouldn’t be your motive.


I do want you guys to know that I’m currently putting together a guide for you guys that can literally take you from A to B! From beginner blogger (tiny little fish in a big sea) to making your first sale (a shark at the top of the food chain)!

(It will launch in the near future)

Because, I totally get it. It’s frustrating reading a ton of articles wondering how exactly do they do it. And, nobody wants to share the details of exactly what they did.

I made a lot of mistakes my first few months as an online entrepreneur. My branding looked crappy for months and NOBODY told me. It took a lot of trial and error to get to where I am now and I’m no where close to where I want to be.

I’ll be honest with you. It’s not easy and it wont happen overnight but it’s totally worth it.


Thinking about becoming a full-time blogger? Click here to check out this FREE 7 Day Blog Money Making Guide!


Gain Thousands of Viewers In 7 Days

https___unlockingyoursuccess.online_2018_04_06_gain-thousands-of-viewers-in-7-days_Hello my community of bad ass entrepreneurs and creative bloggers. For the past 7 day’s I’ve been testing out a strategy with my Pinterest & blog analytics.  But, mostly focusing on my Pinterest strategy being that 90% of my traffic now comes from Pinterest.

I am excited to say that I have found a strategy that brings in 100,000+ monthly viewers to my Pinterest account and with using this strategy, I’ve gained an extra 2,000 viewers to my blog last month than my normal numbers.

Before I get into showing you the proof and how you can do exactly what I did to gain an insane amount of traffic within day’s, I want you know that Pinterest marketing is something that you should not take lightly. It can do for you what other social media platforms can’t.

If you’re not getting the results you need from other platforms, I highly encourage you to stop putting your energy into them and RUN to Pinterest.

Don’t believe me? Check out the numbers below for yourself. The first photo is my analytics before I started using my strategy and the second photo is my analytics after I noticed the huge jump in traffic. 2018-03-27-at-03-40-061-e1522982116514.png2018-04-03 at 15-00-12

That’s almost 50,000 viewers in just 7 days!

I’m usually not the kind of person that shares analytics and numbers to my viewers because sometimes it can come off as “bragging” and I’d hate to be that kind of person.

But, I feel like I just found a secret formula or something and I’m extremely excited to share it with you guys! Obviously this is just something that I’ve noticed that works for me, but I’m sure if done the right way it can work for you too.

If you’re familiar with Pinterest marketing then you’ve probably heard about how automation can change your life with Tailwind. (click here to get your first month free with Tailwind)

No, this is not an article about Tailwind but stick with me because you are going to need it to implement this strategy. 

Tailwind has done wonders for me. With the proper strategies in place, it took me from 283 to 78,724 monthly viewers on Pinterest in only two months. But, that wasn’t enough and I’ll tell you why….


Even though Tailwind grew my traffic from scratch, I eventually hit a point where I wanted more.


I felt like Pinterest caught on to the fact that I was using automation so it counted me out as an active user. Also, I just wasn’t seeing the same amount of engagement that I was before.

So, I did something crazy! I implemented a strategy that tricked Pinterest algorithm and put Tailwind on steroids. This strategy does require a little bit of manual pinning (not too much) but it’s totally worth it being that it gets you a TON of traffic in an extremely short period of time.

Will this strategy continue to grow your traffic if you keep using it over and over again?


That’s why I’m so excited to share it with you because you can literally start today!


Okay, so you’re tired of being yanked around and you’re ready to implement this strategy? Great! Cause I put it in a tiny eBook just for you. Click here to receive your  copy TODAY!start a blog today with only a few simple steps (4)

By the way, I know you’re going to get massive results fast so when you do, I’d love for you to email me here or simply comment below on how much traffic you’ve gained.