Hey there!

I’m aware that you’re here for my skilled copywriting services and I want to help you, but first, I’m going to give you a few tips for FREE being that you may not need my services at all. (: 

1.) R E S E A R C H  

There is so much free information out there. With that being said, I will never make anyone pay for these tips. Research all that you can on your topic. Whether that be for building a resume, writing for a blog, or advertisements. The more information you have, the more possibilities you have. Become a sponge.

2.) I N T R E S T

Dress up your content! Make it appealing to the eye. Reel in your viewers with an interesting hook within the first few sentences, or even better…within the first few words!

3.) P E R S O N A L I T Y

Connect with your viewers/audience. Show them it’s an actual person behind the brand. Be someone they can relate to. Like I always say…write as if you were talking to them personally, but with superb grammar.

4.) H E A D L I N E

You want to connect with your viewers on either a powerful or emotional level in your title. Hence, making them feel like your content was meant for them personally. Make sure that you’re using SEO with online content when writing up your headlines. You don’t have to do this however, if you want to rank high in search engines, I highly recommend that you do!

5.) G I V E

Don’t yank their leg. There’s already a ton of watered down, useless information out there. Your content viewer only wants one thing from you, so why yank them around. Give them everything they want and more! (make it valuable)

I hope you’ve gathered everything you need to make a BIG impression on your content viewer. However, if you still feel that I could be of assistance, my services and prices are listed below. 

Ad/Copywriting mail pieces – $300

Ad/Copywriting sales letter – $150

Articles | news, research, web-based – $15 to $30 per page

Articles | Magazines – $150 to 5,000+

Articles | news papers – $75 to $1,000

Blog Post – $15 to $50

Books | ghost writing – $25 to $40 per page

Book Reviews – $2 to $100

Book Summaries – $250 to $500 per book

News Letters – $200 to $350

Resumes – $200

Scripts – $1,000 to $15,000+

eBooks – $15 per page

Indexing – $3 per page

Lesson Plans – $10 to $20 per page


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