Digital Marketing as an Insurance Agent : The Truth

digital marketing as an insurance agent _ the truth (2)

We got to sit down with one of the top performing Insurance agents in the Atlanta, GA area to discuss what it’s like using digital marketing to grow and build her business.

Deanna, has been in the insurance industry for over 3 years and has just recently decided to go digital with her business. She feels as though it has and will continue to help her business grow.

We discussed her biggest battles and everything in between. She doesn’t hold back when describing what it’s like being an insurance agent trying to get ahead.

Our host Shannon, put together six interview questions. 

Don’t feel like reading the interview? No worries, press play to listen to the audio below!

We asked Deanna:

What made you want to get into the insurance industry?

After years of working for other companies, I went searching for a purpose. I applied for a position as a claims adjuster for a well known insurance company. I got the position! Working as a claims adjuster, I realized that I really love working in the insurance industry. This industry makes me a lot of money and there’s potential to grow.

After a year and a few months there I decided to switch gears a little bit. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and I knew that I didn’t want to be stuck in a cubical for the rest of my life. I had the “aha moment”. I love helping people, I love insurance. Why not become an insurance agent? I get to help people, I get to be my own boss and there wouldn’t be a limit on how much I can make. That’s how I ended up being an insurance agent!

How has the digital world shaped your business?

The internet has shaped my business in amazing ways! It has allowed for exposure which is great! A lot of times when people are looking to buy from your business, one of the first places they go is the internet.

I’m a big fan of social media, if you use it the right way social media is a wonderful tool. It allows people to see me as a person and they get to choose. If they like what I’m putting out, if they like the content that I’m sharing, then I’m a right fit for them. Vise versa, I can look at my client and see if I’d want that person as a client. Pre-screening to see if we’ll be a good fit for business. It’s been amazing!https_unlockingyoursuccess.onlineabout (4)

There are a lot of negative sides to it. A lot of people think you can only build a business off the internet – it is possible but you definitely have to place your seeds in other avenues when it comes to building a business but it is my number one go to.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in your business and what did you find that has helped you overcome those challenges?

A lot of people think that entrepreneurship is easy and glamorous and anybody could do it and that is just not the case.

Personal experience, I’ll just be completely transparent. I walked away from a corporate position to pursue entrepreneurship and I fell on my face hard. I actually ended up loosing almost everything that belongs to me. From my home, to my car. Didn’t have any money. If I can just be honest, you have to have a certain mindset going into entrepreneurship and I got caught up in “I can do this, I can make my own hours, I don’t have to answer to somebody…”. My mindset was focused on the benefits of it after you do the hard work of entrepreneurship. I went into it just wanting to reap the benefits, not really doing any hard work.

It is hard! Sometimes you’re working twelve…sixteen hour days for your business. With a nine to five, your off at five – you can leave that job there at that office. When you’re an entrepreneur, it follows you. You can’t just stick it on the shelf. That’s something that I had to learn, that my mindset was right!

If you go in with the right mindset, your willing to put in the work then it will be a great reward.

If you’re not ready to work really, really hard – sometimes things do not work out. I always say you have to have faith being a business owner or a entrepreneur.

click here to check it out!A lot of times you’re doing the work without a hourly wage. You don’t know if you’re going to get paid or make that commission or make that amount of money until you’ve done all the work at the very end and you’re hoping and praying, moving in faith that someone is going to buy the product, or close that deal or whatever it is that you’re doing.
If you don’t have the strong faith and your mindset’s not right, I advise you not to go into entrepreneurship.

How do you prioritize your time?

Let me just say, I’m not the most organized person in the world. I’m okay with that. I’m working on that. Spending years working for somebody else, you’re given a schedule and then you work that schedule. Going back to the mindset shift, a paradigm shift.  I had to create my own schedule and at first before I shifted my mindset I’m like “Oh cool, I can work whenever I want…” and I’m like sleeping till one o’ clock in the afternoon and I’m not getting anything done. That’s part of the reason I didn’t have much success earlier.

Now, I’ve adapted the mindset of working my business like a business. My competitors are not other insurance agents, it’s Chick-fil-A. It’s the major fortune five hundred companies that call their workers – they hire people to come in at seven am to make those phone calls. You on the phone till twelve and you take an hour lunch break and then you’re back at it from one until it’s time to go home.

For me to see success in my business, I run my business like a business because essentially it’s my livelihood.

I have children so I have to get up earlier than most people who do not have children. Nine am, I’m in the office checking my emails, I’m seeing who I need to follow up with, scheduling appointments. By ten thirty, I’m in the office on the phone making calls.

I know that was long and drawn out. I prioritize my time as if I were still working for corporate america.

How do you plan to use your future website to grow our business?

Good question! I’m a millennial, in the 21st century and where the world is shifting you have to have multiple streams of income and one of the ways you can do that is to turn your passion into a paycheck.7 day blog money making guide

Yes, I’m passionate about insurance and customer service but I do have a passion to help mothers because I am a mom. I want to use my website to reach people that are out of my area. I’m in Georgia, Georgia is big it’s like six million people and counting but there’s a whole world out there that I know I have something to say that can reach another mother out there that’s maybe going through similar things that I am going through and have gone through. We can win together.

I know that if I can just share my story and get her to make a better decision or make her feel like she’s not alone then I’ll feel like I’m making my mark here in the world.

That’s how I’m going to be using my internet business to help people.

And then of course, I believe as an entrepreneur you monetize everything.

Where do you see yourself and your business in the next five years?

Operating a insurance agency with loyal employees and living off my residuals of working so hard.

And also being a internet phenomenon for moms! Helping moms have financial freedom and also helping moms have it all because I always felt like you can have it all! You can be a stay a home mom and make a good income and still be at home with your family…still take care of the household – it’s doable. The internet has made this possible!

In five years, I do see myself living that life!



Here’s where you can find Deanna:

Instagram : deanna_the_agent




How To Be Extremely Productive & Get More Done Each Day


Today, I’m going to lay out my entire game plan for you guys and then, I’m going to show you exactly how you can do the same exact thing.

I used to be one of those people who thought I had my entire life together that I didn’t need a planner or set schedule until one day, I realized that my life was in complete chaos. Well, not complete chaos, but I wasn’t getting really anything done. 

I was trying to juggle so many task at once that I just got overwhelmed thinking about it, which resulted in me doing hardly anything to move towards my goals.

The day I realized that my life was all over the place, I didn’t want to put myself or my business through it anymore. So, I sat down and started looking for planners on Pinterest. I must’ve looked at about 50 planners or workbooks and some of them were inspiring but none of them was exactly what I needed.

Finally, I said the heck with it and created the perfect planner/schedule for myself. Here’s a look at what the average day for me is like:

Wake up at 7, make coffee, eat breakfast – As soon as I wake up, I head towards the kitchen to make coffee. Without coffee, I will be a walking, talking zombie for the entire day. Normally while the coffee is brewing, I’ll have a snack. If I eat too heavy in the morning, I’ll feel stuffed and lazy for half the day and I always try to start my day off great so it can continue throughout the entire day.

Walking, work day job, relax –  Even though I work remotely, I still consider it a day job. With that being said, I reserve walking for the mornings of my off days which normally totals out to be around 4-5 miles weekly. If it’s a normal work day, I like to take a few hours to relax as soon as I get off work. Relaxation time for me means…taking a mid-day shower, watching Netflix, pinning on Pinterest, running errands or eating a snack.


Work on business, read, prepare for next day – Usually, when it’s time for me to work on UYS, I already have planned out exactly what needs to be done for the day so I’m not sitting in front of the computer completely clueless and procrastinating. When I’m done working on UYS task, I prepare for the next day by setting all my alarms and adding any extra last minute task to the schedule. Once I’m in bed for the night, I try to end the day with continuing to read whichever book I’m working my way through at the moment. Key word is “try”.

After scheduling out everything day by day, I realized that my assumed “busy” life, is actually pretty manageable. I work in IT remotely for 8 hrs a day so I don’t have to get dressed for work (thank God), and then I spend about 2-4 hrs working on my business in the afternoon.

So, you really want to know how I have the time to run 2 blogs, 2 Pinterest accounts, 2 Instagram accounts, 1 Youtube channel, & work an 8 hour day job?

The key is to plan, plan, plan. Schedule out even the slightest detail of your day and stick to it. Here’s a couple of things you can do to be your most productive self every single day:

  • Kick procrastination to the curb. Time is extremely valuable, once you lose it you’ll never get it back. Recognize whatever it is that’s wasting your time, and kick it to the curb.
  • Set alarms for everything. Lets be honest, your phone is one you at least 90% of the day. Setting an alarm at least 30 mins before you have to start a task is the best way to hold yourself accountable.
  • Be realistic with yourself. You know what you’re capable of taking on, only place on your schedule what you know you’ll be able to do, otherwise it can become easy to get overwhelmed and not complete anything you set out to do.
  • Last but not least, grab the Extreme Productivity Workbook to start getting your life in order today.


I would love to know what you’ve done in the past that may or may not have worked for you.  

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Top 10 Oprah Quotes The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of

ten famous oprah quotes

Oprah Winfrey is one of the most richest and influential women in the United States with a net worth of over $3.1 billion. Need some motivation? Here’s Oprah Winfrey’s most empowering top 10 quotes that the internet cannot get enough of.


Top 10 Oprah Quotes The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of


Best/Great Oprah Quotes“When you undervalue what you do, the world will undervalue who you are.”

This really hits home for me. I’m constantly thinking my best isn’t good enough when it’s the best I can do. Because of this, I under value myself and it shows in my prices. This quote also reminds me of one of my other favorite things to say “know your worth and then add tax.”


“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

One of the greatest set backs for many is thinking that they’ll have more time to do it later when there’s no way to know that for sure. What we do know for sure is that time is not promised to anyone. If you live each day like it’s your last, you’ll start to notice that you’re getting more done because you’ll be sure that you’re doing exactly what you want and need to do each day.


“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

If you had everything you thought you wanted and needed, there will still come a time where you’ll want and need something else. I’m a strong believer in appreciating what you do have because that bring happiness. Even if you have a little, you’ll find joy in that and appreciate each stage in your life along the way.


“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

This is one of my favorite quotes by Oprah. Mainly because we’re all human, and life isn’t easy for anyone living an adult life. We all have to go through the fire and when we come out we’re either stronger or so burnt out we’re ready to throw in the towel. Don’t throw in the towel, stand tall and keep pushing you will see the light on the other end. Turn your wounds into wisdom!


“You can have it all. Just not all at once.”

Great quote! I never understood what this meant until I started writing my first book “The Key“. It’s impossible to give something your all when you’re also trying to give another thing your all. I had to make a decision to stop all of my other projects to finish writing and publishing my book. It wouldn’t have been my best if I didn’t do so. It is possible to have it all, just something that you have to work at one project at a time.


“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.”


It’s a great feeling knowing that you did the right thing even when no one is watching. I make it my duty to do random acts of kindness daily. If you’re someone who doesn’t get out much like myself, Care2 Petitions is a great way to contribute to a great cause daily.


“One of the hardest things in life to learn are which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Oprah on this one. You’ve got to find a balance between standing up for yourself and what you deserve, and just saving your fight for another day.


“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand.”

This quote by Oprah has carried me through so many bumps in the road. It was my HP wallpaper for many months. When you face different challenges in life it can very easily seem like your stuck and there’s no way out when that’s actually not the case. There is a way out, it’s up. It reminds me of another favorite quote, “life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.”

I hope you guys could take something from these 10 Great quotes by Opah Winfrey! 



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How To Smash Your Goals Effectively

how to smash your goals effectivley

Powerful tips to help you reach your goals & stay motivated!

I know what it’s like to set a ton of goals only to achieve a small few or not feeling motivated enough to start working on them. I sometimes even would feel too overwhelmed to start working on them at all. After failing over and over again, I finally found and stuck with a few tips that actually work.

Nobody’s perfect, and I’ve been where you are. Which is exactly why I want to help!

The key to setting goals and SMASHING them is simply, only setting goals for things you want to do, everything else is simple.

Have you ever heard of the saying “less is more”?

The same logic kind of applies to setting goals and achieving them. You want to make sure that you’re only setting goals for things that you’re actually passionate about. Leave all of the other shenanigans behind.

This post contains affiliate links for products and services I use, love, and recommend. If you’re not sure on what this means, scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a full disclosure.

Let’s face it, we’re only going to do things that we really want to do. Things that we’re passionate about. So why not only do those things?!

Here’s a check list to setting and smashing your goals effectively

1.) Setting your goals

Figure out your “why”.

What is it that’s driving you to want to do this? Is it something that you’re passionate about? Is it something that you know for sure that you want? Figuring out your “why” and holding on to it will put passion behind your actions.

If you just kind of want to set this goal then don’t do it, your hearts most likely not in it and 9/10 you will give up. I don’t want that to happen to you.

Now that you know you’ve only got to set goals that you’re passionate about a huge weight should be lifted.

And if you’ve got a ton of goals that you’re passionate about that you want to achieve, make a list. Write them all out on paper in order from most important to least. (this works like a charm!)

If you’re ready to kick your goals into overdrive grab your Slay Your Goal’s Planner by Nadalie at! You will be on the speedy track to achieving your goals for 2018 and all the years to come.

2.) Focus on your goals

I know, it sounds so self explanatory right? However, it’s not always so simple being that we often times can’t follow through with our plans. I find that instead of trying to achieve multiple big goals at once, it’s a lot easier to focus on one goal for the time being, smash it and then move on to not next. (baby steps my friend)

A few years ago I started setting up a reward system for myself. For an example, when you finish one baby step, treat yourself to a movie, coffee, glass of wine…whatever floats your boat. I do it all the time and honestly, sometime’s my reward system is the only thing that keeps me going when I start making excuses.

Some people believe that reward systems are distractions however, I beg to differ.

Another amazing tool that has helped me tremendously is creating a vision board! I can visually see my goals in front of me everyday. Just looking at my vision board alone gets me super excited about working to achieve everything that’s on there. They’re also fun to make. I highly recommend creating one in your free time!

3.) Staying positive

It’s easier said then done. I know what it feels like to want something so bad that you kind of wish away. If you’re wanting something extremely bad to the point where you’re worrying/thinking about it all the time, you’re actually saying “I don’t have faith that this can actually happen.”

After you set your goals, trust in them and trust in yourself to achieve them.

You are the only one standing in your way.

Don’t wish your goals away. (find out more on this topic here.)

What now?

Get out there are start planning your dream life. Stop waiting for that “perfect” moment or pushing it off till tomorrow. There would never be a time more greater to start working on your goals than now!

If you’re ready to start building your dream life, pick up your Slay Your Goals Planner by Nadalie at


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HOW TO INSTANTLY GAIN RESPECT FROM ANYONE (3)If you want to instantly get people to respect you first, you have to know how they work.

(Want to view the 5 tips? Scroll to the bottom. Need more in depth explanations? Read on…..)

Have you ever been to a social setting and felt like you were the only one people weren’t interested in talking to? Or, have you have ever introduced yourself to someone to start a conversation, only to feel like they didn’t take you seriously enough to consider and be engaged in what you were saying?

Yes, your personality has a small part to do with this but for the most part, trust me it’s not you, it’s them.

Most people are naturally superficial. In this un-perfect world, it’s just the way we are.

Think about this, put yourself in their shoes. When you meet someone for the first time, or re-link up with someone you’ve known for a while. It’s natural for you to look at what they’re wearing, notice their tone of voice, check out their posture, and anything else that has to do with their physical being. You may not notice that you’re doing these things because it happens so fast. Our brains analyze all of these tiny little things simultaneously when we see someone.

Think about working in a corporate office. You’re dressed very professional, you know your stuff, and you deserve to be there just as much as anyone else in the company, but you still feel inferior or like you’re not taken as seriously as you should.

Let’s dig a little further……

Nobody’s perfect, we all are made up little details that makes us, us. Such as insecurities, bad posture, long or short hair, the sound of our voice, our interest….etc.

As amazing as it would be to be ourselves COMPLETELY when interacting with others, it’s just not pragmatic. If everyone were deaf and blind, we’d be forced to get to know others only based off their energy.

It would be nice to walk around in sweats all day, not wear make up, or do my hair. If it were up to me, I’d look like crap 75% of the time.

No, I’m not saying that you’re the kind of person that wears sweats all day. I’m saying that you have to kind of form into a slight reflection of the person/people you’re interacting with. By all means, let all of the good qualities about yourself shine bright like a diamond, but also be RELATABLE!

How to be relatable, you might ask? Become a mirror! For an example, you introduce yourself to someone, they complement your shoes, you complement them back. They start laughing, you let out a chuckle. They tell you about a personal experience, you tell them about a similar personal experience you’ve had.

Everyone else in the world are human just like you, we all want to be understood, and we want to feel like people care about us. What better way to make someone feel understood and cared about than to literally mimic what they’re doing. (works like a charm)

Be your version of energetic. Not everyone is super upbeat and happy all the time however, that’s okay. If you greet someone with a smile the first time you see them, it sets a positive tone for the rest of the conversation. You don’t have to be super energetic, but smiling goes a long way!

Ask questions about their want’s, goals and achievements, then respond to their answers with your similar want’s, goals, and achievements.

Ex. You look amazing, what’s different about you?

      Really? Thanks, I started a new workout plan.

      Wow, you’re truly an inspiration. I want to work out but I’m not sure where to start, got any advice? 


Asking questions makes the individual feel like you respect them enough to want to know more about them, which will in return make them respect you more.

Be confident, or appear to be confident. Hold your head up high, speak with purpose, stand straight not slummed, and take no sh**t from ANYONE! Some people just wont respect you no matter what you do. (avoid them in the most polite way possible) If you’re not confident, socially awkward, or an introvert like me…..fake it till you make it! Trust me no one will notice. (at least not the average person anyway’s)

Speak highly of yourself, then back it with a humble statement! Don’t be afraid to mention good things about yourself, however don’t stay on the topic too long….you don’t want to seem boastful.

Ex. My business is doing better than ever, sells are flying through roof and I can finally see my hard work paying off. I’m doing great now but it was a long and hard road to this point, so for that I’m forever grateful.


Show casing your achievements, then backing it with humbleness makes it hard for people NOT to respect you! It shows that not only are you a person of quality, but you’re  also personable.

5 tips in short:

1.)  Be Relatable

2.) Be Energetic.

3.) Ask Questions

4.) Be Confident

5.) Speak Highly of Yourself

                                                     I’d love to hear your story.

When was the last time you felt like you weren’t respected? What did you do in that situation?


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