How To Create The Best Images For Your Website

After using almost every graphic design website out there, I just recently struck GOLD. If you’re not sure what a graphic design website is…in short, it is the answer to all your prayers regarding imagery for your website!Pixteller promo-PixTeller-249108I’m going to be totally honest with you guys, I suck at photography. I don’t even know how some bloggers do it. If you handed me a professional camera I would literally just stare at it, and even if I knew how to operate it I’d still take a crappy looking picture. If you’re anything like me (a busy bee), then you’ve resulted to an easier alternative, like the use of a graphic design website with templates already made for you.

However, in the past few months I started to notice something quite interesting in the blogging community. There are a ton of bloggers using the same images, and if they’re not using the same images then their designs look extremely similar. If you’re deep in the blogging world, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I figured out what’s happening here, EVERYONE is using Canva and PicMonkey. There’s a ton of hype behind those two platforms and everyone new just seems to hop on the bandwagon.

However, I’ve never been the kind of person to follow trends. I love to stand out in a good way, and if you’re anything like me you do too!

I recently started using another platform to design the imagery for my website, PixTeller. And no, that is not an affiliate link. I come across cool new things and I like to share it with like minded individuals. This image was created with PixTellerI also noticed something really cool about PixTeller, that I haven’t found on any other platform which made me fall more in love with it. If you type in key words in the search bar, it will bring up A TON of templates for that key word.

For an example, in the image above I typed “business” in the search bar which then presented me with a bunch of cool/cute business savvy looking photos. By the way, all of their photos look extremely fresh. 

Here’s a few other cool things that I love about PixTeller :

  • the option to use it for FREE forever
  • 400+ fonts to choose from (this has always been a struggle for me but not anymore!)
  • live chat with the creators who respond within 25 mins
  • AMAZING images

Those are just a few things that I personally love about PixTeller. However, you can totally sign up for FREE and check it out for yourself.

Click Here to Sign Up For Free

If you want the chance to gain access to a FREE PixTeller Lifetime PRO account ($81 per year value), keep reading…

I have something cool for you…

I just launched my new COURSE, Pinterest Blog Booster!

Whoop Whoop!                580b585b2edbce24c47b28d3

It is on sale till July 31st for $19 and then it will go up to $48 on August 1st.

If you take advantage of this deal before August 1st, you will also enter a chance to WIN A FREE PixTeller LIFETIME PRO ACCOUNT! Meaning you get PixTeller PRO for free, for the rest of your life!

That’s over $129 worth of valuable products for ONLY $19.

This offer will no longer stand after July 31st!

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Here’s what will be offered in PBB e-Course :

  • BEST Pinterest practices! (Nope, not about Tailwind or anything to do with automation. What most people WONT tell you that makes a HUGE difference!)
  • All about your branding on Pinterest + How to create a brand that draws people in
  • 10 original brand board templates only available in this course along with a guide on how to use them
  • THE #1 sales funnel guide the top dogs are using to turn their Pinterest viewers into buyers and bring in $10,000+ each month!
  • How to write and design a sales page that pushes people to BUY!
  • 3 Pre-Written Welcome email series for you to choose from only available in this course.

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