Gain Thousands of Viewers In 7 Days

https___unlockingyoursuccess.online_2018_04_06_gain-thousands-of-viewers-in-7-days_Hello my community of bad ass entrepreneurs and creative bloggers. For the past 7 day’s I’ve been testing out a strategy with my Pinterest & blog analytics.  But, mostly focusing on my Pinterest strategy being that 90% of my traffic now comes from Pinterest.

I am excited to say that I have found a strategy that brings in 100,000+ monthly viewers to my Pinterest account and with using this strategy, I’ve gained an extra 2,000 viewers to my blog last month than my normal numbers.

Before I get into showing you the proof and how you can do exactly what I did to gain an insane amount of traffic within day’s, I want you know that Pinterest marketing is something that you should not take lightly. It can do for you what other social media platforms can’t.

If you’re not getting the results you need from other platforms, I highly encourage you to stop putting your energy into them and RUN to Pinterest.

Don’t believe me? Check out the numbers below for yourself. The first photo is my analytics before I started using my strategy and the second photo is my analytics after I noticed the huge jump in traffic. 2018-03-27-at-03-40-061-e1522982116514.png2018-04-03 at 15-00-12

That’s almost 50,000 viewers in just 7 days!

I’m usually not the kind of person that shares analytics and numbers to my viewers because sometimes it can come off as “bragging” and I’d hate to be that kind of person.

But, I feel like I just found a secret formula or something and I’m extremely excited to share it with you guys! Obviously this is just something that I’ve noticed that works for me, but I’m sure if done the right way it can work for you too.

If you’re familiar with Pinterest marketing then you’ve probably heard about how automation can change your life with Tailwind. (click here to get your first month free with Tailwind)

No, this is not an article about Tailwind but stick with me because you are going to need it to implement this strategy. 

Tailwind has done wonders for me. With the proper strategies in place, it took me from 283 to 78,724 monthly viewers on Pinterest in only two months. But, that wasn’t enough and I’ll tell you why….


Even though Tailwind grew my traffic from scratch, I eventually hit a point where I wanted more.


I felt like Pinterest caught on to the fact that I was using automation so it counted me out as an active user. Also, I just wasn’t seeing the same amount of engagement that I was before.

So, I did something crazy! I implemented a strategy that tricked Pinterest algorithm and put Tailwind on steroids. This strategy does require a little bit of manual pinning (not too much) but it’s totally worth it being that it gets you a TON of traffic in an extremely short period of time.

Will this strategy continue to grow your traffic if you keep using it over and over again?


That’s why I’m so excited to share it with you because you can literally start today!


Okay, so you’re tired of being yanked around and you’re ready to implement this strategy? Great! Cause I put it in a tiny eBook just for you. Click here to receive your  copy TODAY!start a blog today with only a few simple steps (4)

By the way, I know you’re going to get massive results fast so when you do, I’d love for you to email me here or simply comment below on how much traffic you’ve gained.



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