4 Reasons I Don’t Use Ads Anymore

4 Reasons Why I Don_t Use Ads AnymoreWhen you see a really interesting headline, click on it, then head over to their blog to check out the post and their article is loaded with advertisements, do you actually click on them? Or, do you just kind of over look the fact that they’re actually there?

Well, I do both and sometimes it can become so annoying that I just click off the article without even finishing the read.

It turns out that most people are like me in that sense.

As a beginner blogger I totally understand how tempting it could be to load your site down with a ton of advertisements for extra cash but truth be told, unless you have close to 100k+ monthly viewers coming to your site, you’re not going to make a decent profit from it.

If you want to make a decent profit from blogging without the use of ads and info products, affiliate links are the way to go! There is a strategic way to maximize your profit using affiliate links.

Now, where was I…………….?

Right, ads!

As a beginner blogger I highly suggest that you go another rout to monetizing your blog and here’s a few reasons why:

1.) Ads scare your readers off

Have you ever walked into a retail store and the second you enter, the employees are bombarding you with sales pitches, and then as you walk around the store they come back every five seconds to check if you need anything?

Loading your blog down with ads makes you the annoying salesy employee.

I noticed that my blogs with ads where getting around the same views as my other blogs but the engagement rate was much lower. I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

2.) They’re flat out ugly

You know it, I know it, and your readers know it!

And I know some of you are probably thinking, “well, I’ll just stick mines in the side bar”. Which don’t get me wrong, that’s smart as long as you are the one controlling the exact ad that goes there.

Using Google Adsense gives you hardly any control. For an example, your readers might come to your blog for gardening tips, then they look over to your side bar to see a huge ugly ad about Viagra.

Like, NO Google!

That is not okay my friend!

I only suggest ads in the side bar if they strictly relate to your blog.

3.) You don’t make much from them

So, you authorize Google Adsense to post ads to your blog.

Days go by…….weeks……months.

Then, one day you finally decide to check your account to possibly cash out, and there’s only $0.5 sitting there.

So, you refresh the page a couple of times only to find out that is actually how much you made in months.

Yes, $0.5 is still something but lets be honest, I’m sure you have a bunch of spare nickles laying around in your old purses or between the couch or something.

I had to find out the hard way that ads were hurting me more than helping me.

4.) Makes you look spammy 

When your readers come to your blog, it’s because they want to hear from a real person who understands them and can actually help them.

When they see computerized/automated ads everywhere it makes you look like a corporation, not a real person behind the screen that’s actually willing to engage with them.

If you know without a doubt that you have what your readers need, wouldn’t it suck that they missed out on valuable information because you scared them away with spammy looking advertisements?

Trust me, I used to be “that” blogger. Now, I’m giving you my trial and error tips so you don’t make the same mistakes.

So, there you have it.

4 Reasons why I don’t use ads anymore.

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4 thoughts on “4 Reasons I Don’t Use Ads Anymore

  1. I agree, I’m a new blogger & I made the initial decision to leave ads off my blog. This post solidifies that, it’s such a turnoff & makes everything look so cluttered! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


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