How To Start A Profitable Blog From Scratch

How To Start A Profitable Blog From Scratch - Learn How To Start A Blog - Build Your Blog Today | to Start a Blog the RIGHT way, and turn it into a profit making machine

When I first started my blog, I had the intentions of it being a self help blog, however I feel it slowly going down the road to becoming a lifestyle/digital marketing blog and that’s okay. (That’s the great thing about blogging, you can blog about whatever you want) Even though I had my intentions, I still had no idea what I was doing. I thought the blogging world was small, but boy was I wrong! I quickly found out that I was a little fish in a big sea. Now that I have been blogging for almost half a year, I love how my blog has blossomed into something that I could be proud of.

In this post I’ll tell you how to start a blog from scratch, register your own domain, set up hosting and install WordPress. 

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Why You Should Start a Blog?

  • Creative Outlet
  • Build a Community
  • Inspire others
  • Accountability
  •  Side Job & Passive Income
  • Financial Freedom (build the life you want doing what you love)
  • Contribute to Society

What Should You Write About?

Before starting a blog it’s smart to know what you’re going to write about. After figuring out what your content is going to be about, It’s best to plan out your writing schedule, and what your “niche” will be. However, your niche does not need to be extremely targeted to be a successful blogger. You will see tons of post that stress this but it’s definitely not true. Whatever you decide on make sure it is something you’re passionate about, because blogging is not easy and I don’t want you to give up before you actually reap the benefits. A word of advice from me -Don’t let other established bloggers scare you, they started right where you are. vs

The big questions that’s always floating around is -what is the difference between & The site that you’re on now is a self-hosted WordPress site, this means that I own my domain ( There are a ton of different platforms you can get signed on up for hosting. However, I highly recommend SiteGround being that it’s one of the most reasonable hosting platforms out there, and you get a lot of bang for your buck. is very simple to set up and operate. I highly recommend if you’re wanting to build a business out of your blog for the long run. It gives you more freedom, features, customization, and allows you to monetize your blog relatively easy. However, you do not have to start out with You can start off on, and make the switch later if you want something more advanced. It is a very simple process that could walk you through.

To use you have to sign up for hosting, and register your domain.

Sign up for hosting & register your domain

I know it can seem scary and overwhelming to set up your self-hosted blog for the first time however, it’s really a pretty easy process with only a few steps.

Step #1 would be to visit SiteGround ( I highly recommend SiteGround, I have had the best experience with them so far) They have plans starting out as low as 3.95 a monthClick here to get to get a 60% discount on your first hosting plan. Here’s a tip: The StartUp, and GrowBig will be your best options if you are just starting out.

Step #2 You can register a domain you already own, or set up a new one. Make sure that you’re really putting thought into what you want your domain name to being that this is what people will use when going to your site. I recommend something short, creative, non-generic, and memorable. When you have your domain registered you can then pick a plan. You can choose how many months you want to pay for. I personally recommend annually being that you get a better deal that way. They also have a 1 month trial option if you’re still a little on the fence.

Enter your information, add any services you want to add and you will be ready to check out. Use this link to get to a 60% discount on your first hosting plan.

Installing WordPress

After you complete your purchase you can easily install WordPress with a few simple steps. After you’ve signed up on SiteGround, you should have recieved an email from them. It will be a confirmation email that contains important information, such as your username, password and a link to your control panel. When you open your control panel by clicking on the link in your “welcome” email, enter your username and password, then log on in! (:

Under “Wordpress Tools” section you will see a WordPress Installer, that’s where you’ll click to install WordPress. You will just need to fill out the form with your information, then click “Install WordPress“. It’s as easy as 1……2…….3! 

When you click on “WordPress Installer” it will bring you to fill out some information. Then you can easily install WordPress.

When you’ve registered your domain and installed WordPress. You can access your blog by going to, where you can enter your login information. This is your admin dashboard here you can write blog posts, change your themes, upload your images and plenty more.

Picking & Setting Up a Theme

When you’re ready to pick a theme (this is the skin of your website) open up your Admin dashboard, click on Appearance, then Themes. Here you can search, upload, and install themes. There are a TON of cute/cool free themes you can choose from to start with. Or you can purchase pre-made themes on Creative Market. Picking a theme is the exciting part!

By following these steps, you can set up a blog and begin building a fun profitable platform. Tell your friends, and family to get the traffic flowing. Some last tips would to set up Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for your blog for more exposure. It would be best use the same name across the board for all of your platforms to make it easier for viewers to find you.

What Now

Now that you’ve got all the tools you need to getting your site up and running, I want to leave you with a free guide to turning your content readers into paying clients/customers. Click here receive your detailed guide.

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  1. says:

    Thankyou, that’s very useful to know 😊 I have only just started my very own blog and I’m hearing lots about going self hosted. It took me ages to think of my 1st topic haha but I’m sure in time the ideas will come more easily. Good luck with your blog x


    1. I’m glad you could take something away from this post. Self hosted is always the best way to go. It opens up so many doors for you in the blogging industry. Thanks for your kind words and good luck to you as well!

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  2. rashimbrutta says:

    Indeed a great one


    1. Thank you! I’m glad you could take something away. Wish you nothing but the best on your blogging journey!

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  3. Hi, Shannon. There’s a minor misspelling in your title. But I wanted to ask if this is a source of income for you?


    1. Thank you for telling me. Haha, I’m so shocked that no one else did. Yes, blogging has become a second source of income. I would like it to transform into something I do full time however, that is going to take time. So, if you are thinking about blogging for profits, it is extremely doable.


      1. How long have you been doing this? I’d like to know more info if you don’t mind passing it down.


      2. I definitely don’t mind at all, you can ask me anything! I’ve been blogging for a total of 6 months but I just recently started taking it more seriously 4 months ago. It has been a major learning experience. However, it is totally worth it! If you want to turn blogging into a full time income I say go for it, it’s very time consuming but it doesn’t feel like hard work when it’s something you love.


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