How To Smash Your Goals Effectively

how to smash your goals effectivley

Powerful tips to help you reach your goals & stay motivated!

I know what it’s like to set a ton of goals only to achieve a small few or not feeling motivated enough to start working on them. I sometimes even would feel too overwhelmed to start working on them at all. After failing over and over again, I finally found and stuck with a few tips that actually work.

Nobody’s perfect, and I’ve been where you are. Which is exactly why I want to help!

The key to setting goals and SMASHING them is simply, only setting goals for things you want to do, everything else is simple.

Have you ever heard of the saying “less is more”?

The same logic kind of applies to setting goals and achieving them. You want to make sure that you’re only setting goals for things that you’re actually passionate about. Leave all of the other shenanigans behind.

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Let’s face it, we’re only going to do things that we really want to do. Things that we’re passionate about. So why not only do those things?!

Here’s a check list to setting and smashing your goals effectively

1.) Setting your goals

Figure out your “why”.

What is it that’s driving you to want to do this? Is it something that you’re passionate about? Is it something that you know for sure that you want? Figuring out your “why” and holding on to it will put passion behind your actions.

If you just kind of want to set this goal then don’t do it, your hearts most likely not in it and 9/10 you will give up. I don’t want that to happen to you.

Now that you know you’ve only got to set goals that you’re passionate about a huge weight should be lifted.

And if you’ve got a ton of goals that you’re passionate about that you want to achieve, make a list. Write them all out on paper in order from most important to least. (this works like a charm!)

If you’re ready to kick your goals into overdrive grab your Slay Your Goal’s Planner by Nadalie at! You will be on the speedy track to achieving your goals for 2018 and all the years to come.

2.) Focus on your goals

I know, it sounds so self explanatory right? However, it’s not always so simple being that we often times can’t follow through with our plans. I find that instead of trying to achieve multiple big goals at once, it’s a lot easier to focus on one goal for the time being, smash it and then move on to not next. (baby steps my friend)

A few years ago I started setting up a reward system for myself. For an example, when you finish one baby step, treat yourself to a movie, coffee, glass of wine…whatever floats your boat. I do it all the time and honestly, sometime’s my reward system is the only thing that keeps me going when I start making excuses.

Some people believe that reward systems are distractions however, I beg to differ.

Another amazing tool that has helped me tremendously is creating a vision board! I can visually see my goals in front of me everyday. Just looking at my vision board alone gets me super excited about working to achieve everything that’s on there. They’re also fun to make. I highly recommend creating one in your free time!

3.) Staying positive

It’s easier said then done. I know what it feels like to want something so bad that you kind of wish away. If you’re wanting something extremely bad to the point where you’re worrying/thinking about it all the time, you’re actually saying “I don’t have faith that this can actually happen.”

After you set your goals, trust in them and trust in yourself to achieve them.

You are the only one standing in your way.

Don’t wish your goals away. (find out more on this topic here.)

What now?

Get out there are start planning your dream life. Stop waiting for that “perfect” moment or pushing it off till tomorrow. There would never be a time more greater to start working on your goals than now!

If you’re ready to start building your dream life, pick up your Slay Your Goals Planner by Nadalie at


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