text mobile marketingWouldn’t it be nice to know for SURE your clients/customers seen your information.

Put yourself in your their shoes!

Let’s all be honest with ourselves. If you’re like most people, there was once a time in your life when you hardly EVER checked your email.

AND…..believe it or not, there are a TON of people out there that still NEVER check their email.

A few years ago, I worked at a retail store with a name that I will not say and every time the customers checked out, my manager hounded me to get their email for the stores mailing list. Here’s a few responses that I would ALWAYS get:

  • Do you guys have to get my email? I’m kind of in a rush.
  • I already gave you guys my email last week.
  • I don’t have an email.
  • Sure, my email is…..blah, blah, blah.

Of course, we would get other responses but those are generally what people would say. Right before leaving my retail job, it came to my attention that only about 10-20% of customers would come back in to the store regarding an email they received from us.

ONLY 10-20%!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it sucks to enter in/collect about a hundred emails a day only for 10-20% of the subscribers to read them, however businesses would like to keep it going (even if their emails are going to spam folders) because obviously that 10-20% makes a difference (even if it’s only a small difference) when it  comes to sales.tmm (1)

If you’re like most people, when you receive a text message, you’re opening it up almost instantly and if you’re not opening it up instantly, you see that something came in.

Text mobile marketing is EXTREMELY  key to skyrocketing your business! It’s taking your subscriber viewer rate from 20% to 97%!

Your clients/customers need you more than you need them! You have valuable information and products that they NEED to see because it will help them in some kind of way. Text mobile marketing will help you, help them!


tmm (4)

tmm (3)


I personally found that the most amazing aspect about Text mobile marketing, is that IT’S extremely cheap! You can set it up for your business for as low as $39/month and under certain conditions, you can get it COMPLETELY FREE FOR LIFE!

If you want to skyrocket your business with Text Mobile Marketing, contact me here>>> unlockingyoursuccess@aol.com for all the juicy details or to get set up today!








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