HOW TO INSTANTLY GAIN RESPECT FROM ANYONE (3)If you want to instantly get people to respect you first, you have to know how they work.

(Want to view the 5 tips? Scroll to the bottom. Need more in depth explanations? Read on…..)

Have you ever been to a social setting and felt like you were the only one people weren’t interested in talking to? Or, have you have ever introduced yourself to someone to start a conversation, only to feel like they didn’t take you seriously enough to consider and be engaged in what you were saying?

Yes, your personality has a small part to do with this but for the most part, trust me it’s not you, it’s them.

Most people are naturally superficial. In this un-perfect world, it’s just the way we are.

Think about this, put yourself in their shoes. When you meet someone for the first time, or re-link up with someone you’ve known for a while. It’s natural for you to look at what they’re wearing, notice their tone of voice, check out their posture, and anything else that has to do with their physical being. You may not notice that you’re doing these things because it happens so fast. Our brains analyze all of these tiny little things simultaneously when we see someone.

Think about working in a corporate office. You’re dressed very professional, you know your stuff, and you deserve to be there just as much as anyone else in the company, but you still feel inferior or like you’re not taken as seriously as you should.

Let’s dig a little further……

Nobody’s perfect, we all are made up little details that makes us, us. Such as insecurities, bad posture, long or short hair, the sound of our voice, our interest….etc.

As amazing as it would be to be ourselves COMPLETELY when interacting with others, it’s just not pragmatic. If everyone were deaf and blind, we’d be forced to get to know others only based off their energy.

It would be nice to walk around in sweats all day, not wear make up, or do my hair. If it were up to me, I’d look like crap 75% of the time.

No, I’m not saying that you’re the kind of person that wears sweats all day. I’m saying that you have to kind of form into a slight reflection of the person/people you’re interacting with. By all means, let all of the good qualities about yourself shine bright like a diamond, but also be RELATABLE!

How to be relatable, you might ask? Become a mirror! For an example, you introduce yourself to someone, they complement your shoes, you complement them back. They start laughing, you let out a chuckle. They tell you about a personal experience, you tell them about a similar personal experience you’ve had.

Everyone else in the world are human just like you, we all want to be understood, and we want to feel like people care about us. What better way to make someone feel understood and cared about than to literally mimic what they’re doing. (works like a charm)

Be your version of energetic. Not everyone is super upbeat and happy all the time however, that’s okay. If you greet someone with a smile the first time you see them, it sets a positive tone for the rest of the conversation. You don’t have to be super energetic, but smiling goes a long way!

Ask questions about their want’s, goals and achievements, then respond to their answers with your similar want’s, goals, and achievements.

Ex. You look amazing, what’s different about you?

      Really? Thanks, I started a new workout plan.

      Wow, you’re truly an inspiration. I want to work out but I’m not sure where to start, got any advice? 


Asking questions makes the individual feel like you respect them enough to want to know more about them, which will in return make them respect you more.

Be confident, or appear to be confident. Hold your head up high, speak with purpose, stand straight not slummed, and take no sh**t from ANYONE! Some people just wont respect you no matter what you do. (avoid them in the most polite way possible) If you’re not confident, socially awkward, or an introvert like me…..fake it till you make it! Trust me no one will notice. (at least not the average person anyway’s)

Speak highly of yourself, then back it with a humble statement! Don’t be afraid to mention good things about yourself, however don’t stay on the topic too long….you don’t want to seem boastful.

Ex. My business is doing better than ever, sells are flying through roof and I can finally see my hard work paying off. I’m doing great now but it was a long and hard road to this point, so for that I’m forever grateful.


Show casing your achievements, then backing it with humbleness makes it hard for people NOT to respect you! It shows that not only are you a person of quality, but you’re  also personable.

5 tips in short:

1.)  Be Relatable

2.) Be Energetic.

3.) Ask Questions

4.) Be Confident

5.) Speak Highly of Yourself

                                                     I’d love to hear your story.

When was the last time you felt like you weren’t respected? What did you do in that situation?


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