How To Have A Good Day Every Day!

How To Have A Good Day Everyday - 6 Tips to Make It A Good Day Everyday - What I Do To Have A Good Day Every Day - How To Be Happy Everyday - Good Day - Happiness - Smile |

Have you guys ever predicted your day before it started?

As to say something like “Ah, I just know this is going to be a bad day.” as soon as you open your eyes.

Or, do you have those friends that just look happy all the time, and you’re like how in the world can they keep this upbeat attitude going everyday?

I used to despise those people……and then I became one of them.

One thing that I do want you to know is that you’re not alone, we all have had those bad days. I’m just going to leave you with a few tips to turn the next “bad day” into a great one!

Here’s 6 tips to having a good day, everyday:

1.) Schedule your days out ahead of time.

stock photos.png(trust me this works like a charm) Do it either days or weeks in advance. You will thank yourself later! Scheduling your days out in advance cuts out any stress and the feeling of not having enough time to do what you want. You have to stick to the schedule that you set out for yourself otherwise, things will go off track again then you’d have to start over.


2.) Get a great nights sleep!

stock photos (2)You know your body, and you know your limits. The average person needs 8 hrs sleep, however that’s not the case for everyone. Some people only need 6. It would be totally awesome to be superhuman, but we are not. Our bodies need rest to rejuvenate. The more rest you get, the happier/energized you are and the more people would love to be around you!

3.) Wake up early!

stock photos (4).pngYes, it feels darn good to sleep in but it shouldn’t become a habit. Save those lazy mornings for your cherished days off. Wake up every morning with the expectation of a great day ahead of you. That’s how you set the tone of your day.

4.) Play your favorite music

stock photos (5)Set your phone (music player) on your favorite playlist then put your phone down I repeat, put your phone down. Do not check your phone in the morning for updates. This is bad on so many levels. When you’re trying to set a positive tone for your day, it’s a bad idea to expose yourself to the world because then, you’re letting the world (social media, stressful emails…) set the tone of your day for you.

5.) Eat a light, nutritious breakfast

stock photos (6)I’m no health expert but I can assure you that this works and I’ll tell you why.

If you eat a big breakfast, it will leave you feeling heavy and stuffed for a few hours making you feel tired in return. Whereas, if you eat something lighter that’s high in carbs such as a muffin or banana, you will feel energized but not stuffed and tired.

6.) Give small acts of kindness throughout your entire day.

stock photos (8)Making someone else’s day better will in return, make your day better. A perfect example of this would be a complement. People love receiving complements! Have you ever met a person who didn’t? (:


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