Have you ever felt so unbearably overwhelmed by your thoughts or task that you wanted to tackle them but you couldn’t find a starting point?

Or is it that you know your priorities are out of order it’s just that everything is moving super fast to the point where you don’t even have time to sit down and get your life in order. (together)

These reasons and many others are the result of your priorities being out of order!

Keep reading to find out exactly why your priorities are out of order and how you can tackle this issue……..

Distractions, distractions, distractions!

I always believe, in order to fix a problem you have to go back and pluck it from the root. Distractions are the root of this problem.

NO, it’s not your fault that your life or the world is filled with a plethora of stuff to keep you distracted from real life issues and things that really matter because honestly they’re inevitable, BUT (ahh, there’s always that big “BUT” lol) it is your fault that you let these things distract you.

Have you ever heard the saying “don’t stress over things you can’t control”? The same law applies to distractions. Don’t let distractions you can’t control spin your life out of order. Examples of distractions you can’t control: bills, existence of social media, individual people (family, friends) news, cell phone, etc.

You cannot control the fact that these things exist BUT you can control how, where, and if they fit into your life.

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If you’re swarmed with a ton of distractions that you can’t control, then it is vital that you get your priorities in order ASAP! This is the result of you letting your life run the show while you take the orders. YOU are the one running the show, NOT your life. Your life doesn’t have a brain so when you’re not in control of it, it doesn’t know what to do, it’s all over the place.

Now that you know you’re the big guy calling all the shots, you can act as such. Stop playing games with yourself and pick a starting point.

You cannot tackle everything at once so pick the most important issue at hand and get it together. For an example/scenario: Sara works a 9-5 job, has two toddlers, and a dream of starting a business. She’s late to work almost everyday being that she wakes up late to drop the kids off to school. This results in her bi-weekly pay being cut short, which in return throws off the bill payments. Sara wakes up late every morning due to staying up late the nights before putting the kids to bed and giving them a bath. The reason she gives them baths so late is because she’s on social media/cell phone for hours. Because Sara’s priority’s are out of order she has little to no time to clean, do laundry or cook.  This results in scavenging for clean clothes when going out, a dirty home, and having to go out to buy dinner every night.

I’m sure being stuck in that constant cycle, Sara probably knows her life is out of order, she just doesn’t know how to fix it, or where to start because her life is swarmed with distractions that she can’t change. (bills, friends, social media, cell phone)

Obviously, it is hard for Sara to see that this is all a quick fix.

All it takes is the act of picking ONE thing, (the thing that needs the most attention at that moment) and tackling it, then moving on to the other while maintaining the status of what you already tackled.

In Sara’s case, it would be going to sleep earlier. Being that her staying up late results in her waking up late, getting the kids to school late, and being late to work.

The next most important step for Sarah would be to tackle social media/cell phone. She spends hours on both so it’s a major distraction being that she’s not doing anything valuable with it. Trimming social media/cell phone down to a few minutes, she’ll have time to cook dinner and give the kids a bath earlier.

When your priorities are in order, you’ll actually find that you have MORE free time on your hands.

Following these simple steps will set you on the path to getting your life in tip top shape!

Love you guys, Shannon

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