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unlockingWhen I was younger I always dreamed of being a genius.

I dreamed of being a genius all the way up until a few weeks ago because at that point, I reevaluated myself and realized that I am a genius!

For years I kept my nose in tons of books, trying to learn everything about everything so I can be considered a genius. I knew it was impossible to know everything but I was determined to try.

Up until a few short weeks ago, I never actually looked up the definition of the word Genius. I always assumed that it was a word used to describe abnormally smart individuals who knew EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. For your records, here it is—–> Genius: a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect.

Woah! Did you guys just read that?! “exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some PARTICULAR respect.”

Let’s take that definition and apply it to my life. I want you to do the same for yourself. I am exceptionally intelligent and creative in a lot of different topics: Personal Development, Computer Science, Literature, Grammar, Astronomy, Theology…the list goes on and on. As for an exceptionally intelligent bootblack would be considered a genius in the field of polishing shoes.

So you mean to tell me that up until a few short weeks ago, I was working towards something that I’ve already achieved?!  If someone were to ask me anything about any of the topics I’ve named above, I would know the answer right away.

I’m not a genius who knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING (because that’s impossible) however, I am a genius whose exceptionally intelligent and creative in certain topics. Which, you are too, you just have to figure out what those topics are.

Find your niche and stick with it!

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