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Before I dive deep into the depths of this strong topic, let’s just go ahead and face the facts that this is something most of us have struggled with at one point or another and it can be a sensitive topic for some, especially if they don’t have a degree.

“Is college for everyone?” NO!

It’s 2018 guys, it’s no longer necessary for you to have a degree to be successful in life. Do you need to have some kind of plan to have something going for yourself, YES! According to Forbes, when having to narrow down finalist for a job title, most companies pick the individual with more work experience in that field over the individual who just graduated with only a degree in that field. This logic is used to cut down on having to actually thoroughly train the employee. Having a degree does have its perks, but you have to do some weighing out of the odds on your end.

As soon as we graduate high school, we have a bunch of adults jumping down our throats about college and when are we going to go. They’re very demanding with their questions too. Usually, they fall along the lines of “What are you going to school for?” Or “What school are you going to?” As to just automatically assume that we’ve decided to go.

Let’s ditch the old school train of thought that if someone doesn’t have a college education, that automatically makes them lesser than someone who does or an uneducated individual. That label gets stamped on people if they don’t go to college because there are a select group of people who judge young adults harshly if they don’t.

I can’t tell you directly if college is for you or not because that depends on your specific wants and needs. What I can tell you, is how you can figure the answer out for yourself. Below is a short quiz to help you to determine for yourself if college is for you.

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1.) Are you an undisciplined individual?

2.)  Are you easily/heavily influenced by your peers?

3.) Do you look to be accepted by others?

4.) Are you indecisive?

5.) Are you a procrastinator?

If you answered “Yes” to 3/5 of the questions, college is most likely NOT for you. If you answered “NO” to 3/5 of those questions then it could possibly work for you. Lets keep in mind that having a degree does not necessarily mean that college was “for” that person. In my opinion, if an individual graduates from college with a degree and they’re just letting it sit, (meaning they haven’t upgraded their life in any way post grad) the time/money spent was a waste. If you answered “YES” to 3/5 of the questions in the quiz it doesn’t mean that you’re uneducated because you’re not fit for college, it just means that you should possibly consider working on yourself first before considering college.

The worst thing you can do in this situation is enroll into school lacking discipline, being a procrastinator and indecisive. Your money and time will be wasted!

The quiz above is just to give you some kind of perspective for yourself but I am in no way telling you what you should or should not do. The ultimate answer is NO, you do not need to go to college to be successful in life, but you do need to have a plan! Not everyone in the older generation are do-or-die college freaks, but most of them are. Don’t let them scare you into doing something you might later regret. According to “National Data on Campus Suicide and Depression”, 1 in 12 college students make a suicide plan. Do what YOU want to do because YOU have to live with yourself everyday, nobody else.

If you are someone who pressures our younger generation into going to college, don’t. The proper questions to ask them would be “What are your plans after school?” Give them a chance to tell you otherwise instead of assuming it’s college, that puts unnecessary pressure on the individual, making them feel like they need something that they may or may not need.

If you are in college currently and you love it and it’s working for you, great! It is an accomplishment to have a degree just as it’s an accomplishment to not have a degree and still be successful.

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