What To Do When You Feel Stuck In Life, Stressed, And Like There’s No Way Out.


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Dapper, stylish, and hipWhen this happens to us, you have to step outside of yourself for a moment to be the person on the outside looking in. This is called tricking your brain.  Our brains like to trick us into thinking they are in control, but that’s not the case. Our hearts are in control. It’s actually factual that when we are developing in our mother’s womb, the heart develops weeks before the brain.

When we feel stuck in a rut, we tend to point the finger at things that are physically going wrong in our lives because we can see it. When I say physical things, I’m talking about being stressed out about bills, or your weight, or relationships…things of that sort. We oftentimes feel like there’s no way out of these tuff situations because we are trying to tackle it from a physical perspective when it’s actually not physical at all.

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When you step outside of yourself to be that person on the outside looking in, it allows you to clearly see that it’s all mental. If we haven’t taught our brains how to properly deal with the stress of these problems then it will kind of shut down on us because it’s at the end of the road. This is why you may constantly hear people say “You should always continue educating yourself.” Because if you don’t, when you face certain life stresses, your brain will not have enough knowledge to walk you through it.

It is factual that our hearts actually tell our brains what to do, whether you allow your brain to rebel or not is something you have to control. You get out of these stressful ruts in life when you listen to your heart, because it will never steer you in the wrong direction. Feeding your heart, the right nutrients will only help you see stress for what it is, a mental road block. You get over that road block by tackling it from a different perspective.

Instead of thinking, I need more money to pay my bills. Be still and listen to your heart because it gives you answers to your problems ALL the time. Usually, when you say “man, I need more money to pay all these bills.” Your heart will say something similar to “I wish I had unlimited money, or I wish I was like those rich celebrities.” That’s your heart telling you to go for the gusto, you will not fail if you keep trying!

Yes, “I need more money” is a stressful problem that often times needs a solution asap, this is why we have to develop strong trust in our hearts to guide us in the right direction.

Doing all that you possibly can + trusting & following your heart will result in you NOT failing. When you’re stuck in a rut, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why am I feeling this way?
  2. What can I do to change the way that I’m feeling?
  3. If I can’t do anything about it, why am I stressing about it?
  4. If I can do something about it, why haven’t I done it yet?
  5. If I am currently doing something about it, why am I stressing about it?

These five questions will help you look inside of yourself and truly change your perspective. You cancel out stress by trusting the process of your life and constantly telling yourself that your current situation is not your final destination.

Here’s a checklist of steps that you can do when life gets tough

1.) Allow yourself to feel bad

2.) Refuse to be a victim

3.) Be generous to yourself

4.) Don’t compare yourself to others

5.) Remember that great things take time.

6.) Be kind to yourself

7.) Forget what people think about you

8.) Do workouts

9.) Remember you’re stronger than you think

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